Process Technology Engineer

Charleston, West Virginia, United States

Company: CDI Engineering Solutions

Position: Process Technology Engineer

Location: Charleston, WV

Start Date: November, 2020

*** Position is a 6 month Contract to Hire***



  1. Monitoring of Process Area of Responsibility
    1. SAP lab data
    2. Statistical Process Control
    3. Process Trends
  2. Standard Operating Procedures
    1. Revise SOPs due to process changes or new information
    2. Author new SOPs sections/documents
    3. Review technical portions of procedures
  3. Management of Change Coordinator for Area of Responsibility
    1. Facilitate or initiate MOCs for area
    2. Contribute to change process as Process Subject Matter Expert Evaluator
  4. Process Technical Adviser
    1. Act as end-user at capital project design review meetings
    2. Support HAZOPs, Process Hazard Analysis
    3. Support production decision making when technical knowledge is required
    4. Support other business groups when process knowledge is needed
  5. Process Improvement
    1. Monitor Asset Utilization/Downtime for improvement opportunities
    2. Lead or assist AU improvement effort or investigations
  6. Controls Engineering
    1. Configure minor controls improvements
    2. Monitor reliability of the DCS
    3. Troubleshoot DCS and controls issues
    4. Complete Critical Safety Interlock Checks
  7. Alarm Management Champion for Area of Responsibilities
    1. Eliminate nuisance and stale alarms via alarm strategies and using process technical knowledge
    2. Focus on Operator Feedback for alarm loading
    3. Rationalize alarms and determine proper ranges
    4. Maintain alarm documentation
  8. Plant Troubleshooting
    1. Expected to assist in plant troubleshooting as necessary with focus on process issues
  9. HSE
    1. Contribute to incident investigations as needed
    2. Complete environmental releases calculations
    3. Perform targeted audits
    4. Support Environmental Permits and Compliance
    5. Support Plant Safety Initiatives.
  10. Support management requests for support or information.

Required Skills

  • B.S. Chemical Engineering
  • 2-5 Years of Process engineering or Production engineering experience in chemical or petrochemical industries
  • Practical knowledge of the design and operations of process equipment such as pumps, blowers, heat exchangers, piping, reactors, scrubbers, etc.
  • Strong understanding of inorganic chemistry
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to work with diverse workforces
  • Ability to lead cross-functional teams

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with Chlori-alkali processes
  • Process Safety Management principles experience
  • Knowledge of Distributed Controls Systems
  • Basic control engineering experience
  • Solids handling experience



CDI Engineering Solutions is an EEO/An Affirmative Action M/F/D/V Employer

All employees are expected to act with integrity and in an honest and ethical manner.

Type: Permanent

Reference ID: 5297