Power Systems Engineer

Massena, New York, United States

TITLE: Power Systems Engineer

Contract Length: 1 year

Supervisor’s Title: Power Systems Process Flow Leader / Manager

Start Date: February 2019

Location: Massena, NY



This position is accountable for providing technical assistance and backup supervisory coverage including call-in assistance for the maintenance and operations of the client's Power Generating, 115kV Bulk Electric (Transmission) System (BES), the Power and Rectifier Systems – Primary Metals West, and Arconic Plants.  This position is responsible for both new project development and existing system technical operations of the Electrical Power System Equipment for the Long Sault - Transmission and Distribution Systems (115kV), the Primary Metals and Arconic Electrical High Voltage Power Systems (13.8kV, 4160 & 2300V) and Potline Rectifier Stations at Massena Operations.  The position along with the Process Flow Leader will be responsible for system testing, calibration, troubleshooting and providing technical, maintenance and operational direction to achieve Hypothetical Plant initiatives, Power System equipment modernization and Department operational goals. 


Major Deliverables:

  1. Provide Technical Direction for the Maintenance and Operations of the BES, Rectifier Station, plant high voltage systems and Long Sault / Utilities (Water Systems).
  2. Play a key role in maintenance and training efforts to improve reliability of the Operations of the Long Sault BES, Potline Power and Plant HV Power Systems Equipment.
  3. Provides the Department the Technical Direction for High Voltage Equipment Maintenance requirements (this necessitates the incumbent has a minimum of 6 years of Power System Maintenance & Operational Experience and must be able to maintain this technical expertise on new High Voltage Equipment and Systems.)
  4. Ensure the JSA/ESA (safety procedure) system is in place for all Rectifier and Power System Equipment
  5. Act as onsite backup to the Power System Controller and Power Supervisor (Group Leader) for vacations, training, sick leave etc.
  6. Provide Safety expertise and leadership to entire plant around High and Low Voltage Electrical Systems.
  7. Coordinate Technical and Special Safety Initiatives as required for High Voltage Maintenance.


Key Business Challenge:

  • Provide technical direction and support to assure Power System Equipment and Operations maintains a 99% reliability. 
  • Provide support and technical assistance for personnel responsible for Power System Equipment Operations. 
  • Provide direction and support for existing and new electrical installations, as they impact or affect the reliable operations of the Plant High Voltage and Electrical Distribution Systems.
  • Provide Technical and Operational Support to assist the Plant Power System Department in meeting it’s Hypothetical Plant, Business and Electrical Safety initiatives.



Success Factors Critical for Superior Performance:


Baseline                                                                                              Additional

  • Valuing Diversity                                                                   Building Ownership and Commitment
  • Customer Focus                                                                      Critical Thinking
  • Safety Focus/Orientation                                                        Drive for Change
  • Judgment                                                                                Attention to Detail
  • Communication                                                                       Getting Organizational Support
  • Initiative
  • Learning Orientation



Business, Technical Knowledge Required

E - Safety Standards, regulations and rules – specifically client Electrical Safety Standards, Regulations and Rules

E - OSHA and related Safety Regulations (1910.269) – Electrical (High and Low Voltage) and Flash Hazard stds.

E - Advanced Computer Skills

W – Oracle and EAM Computer System – Maintenance Planner and Equipment Technical Resource

W - Spare Parts Organization and Equipment operating supplies requirements

W - APS Principles

E - Operations and Coordination of Power Delivery Systems – Knowledge of Technical Systems for Power System Equipment and Maintenance and Operational requirements.


Reporting Relationship

This position reports to the Power Systems Process Flow Leader / Long Sault Manager.  Principle contacts for this position include the Power System Controller / Compliance Coordinator, Power System Supervisor, Power System Maintenance Personnel, Power/ Energy Manager / Long Sault – Tapoco VP (APGI), Potroom Operational personnel and Superintendents, Safety Department Personnel, Plant Maintenance Personnel and Contractor Safety Personnel.


Background Skills and Experience:

This position requires an in-depth electrical and operational knowledge of the Rectifier Station and Plant Power System.  A minimum of 6 years of experience and the ability to provide Power System technical leadership is required.  This position must have exceptional technical, communication and organization skills to assist Power System Department employees in the implementation of Corporate directives on Power System equipment maintenance objectives while meeting the client's Safety Standards for High and Low Voltage Electrical Systems.  Experience with transformer oil testing and maintenance requirements, system protection and coordination, calibrations, testing and Power System SCADA knowledge is a basic requirement.


CDI Corporation is an EEO/An Affirmative Action M/F/D/V Employer 


Type: Permanent

Reference ID: 4773