Computer Engineer III or IV

Newport, Rhode Island, United States



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 •     CDI Marine Company was awarded the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Governor’s Award in 2016.

• named CDI as one of the Most Trustworthy Companies in the United States in 2012.

•     CDI Corporation is an EEO/An Affirmative Action M/F/D/V Employer


  • CDI is seeking a Computer Engineer III IV in Newport, RI for Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Code 104 Undersea Warfare (USW). 
  • This position is contingent upon contract award and applicable to Cyber Security Work Force (CSWF) Master Level qualifications.
  • Key Position
  • Specialty Area Code 45 – System Administration - Intermediate/Journeyman or Advanced Master 
  • Installs, configures, troubleshoots, and maintains server and systems configurations (hardware and software) to ensure their confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Administers server-based systems, security devices, distributed applications, network storage, messaging, and performs systems monitoring. Consults on network, application, and customer service issues to support computer systems’ security and sustainability.
  • Computer hardware and software engineers’ research, design, develop, and test computer hardware and software programs. Hardware refers to computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems, and related equipment such as keyboards, modems, and printers. Computer software engineers develop the software systems that control computers. Computer hardware engineers work exclusively with computers and computer-related equipment. In addition to design and development duties, computer hardware engineers supervise the manufacturing and installation of computers and computer-related equipment.
  • Computer software engineers develop new computer software systems and to incorporate new technologies in a rapidly growing range of applications. Computer software engineers apply the principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems that enable computers to perform their many applications. Software engineers analyze users’ needs and design, construct, test, and maintain computer applications software or systems. Computer software engineers can be involved in the design and development of many types of software, including software for operating systems and network distribution, and compilers, which convert programs for execution on a computer. They also solve technical problems that arise. Software engineers must possess strong programming skills, but are more concerned with developing algorithms and analyzing and solving programming problems than with actually writing code. The programming languages most often used are C, C++, and Java, with Fortran and COBOL used less commonly


  • Conduct IA analysis and make recommendations on IA tools, processes and procedures to enhance the security of individual platforms, systems, or networks.
  • Implement security settings and resolve any hardware and software interface and interoperability issues that occur during the implementation.
  • Install and integrate updates, fixes, and enhancements of hardware, operating systems, databases and application software.
  • Administer computer accounts, privileges, and access to systems and equipment.
  • Configure, monitor and maintain Storage Area Network (SAN) hardware.
  • Manage system assets including performance, capacity, availability, serviceability, recoverability and backups.
  • Monitor and perform maintenance analysis and diagnostics for accredited systems.
  • Ensure systems availability, functionality, integrity and efficiency and maintain systems configuration.
  • Provide systems administration and technical support for establishment, test, upgrade, and operational support of systems, network, workstations, and support equipment hardware and software hosted on accredited networks.
  • Provide system engineering support for system development, requirements management, technical planning, and technical risk management.


  • Some positions may include Remediation Analysis Support to include Determine the vulnerability risks for workstations, servers, networks and applications utilizing appropriate IA scanning techniques.
  • Upon risk identification, perform mitigation steps to reduce the likelihood of a risk reoccurrence.
  • Patch, harden and secure systems, and report on compliance.


  • Education:  Bachelor’s level degree in Electrical/Electronic/Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Information Systems OR CNSSI or NTSSI 4015 or 4016
  • Experience:  3 – 5 years professional experience in systems administration
  • Certifications:  GSEC or Security + (CE) or SSCP



  • Education:   Graduate Degree from accredited University OR CNSSI or NTSSI 4015 or 4016
  • Experience:  Validated 5 plus years specialized Master level experience in Specialty Area 45 (Systems Administration)
  • Certifications:  CISSP or CASP or ENSA


  • Expert knowledge in:  Windows Servers; Windows Server 2012 certification or certificate
  • Must speak fluent English and possess good grammatical skills and a broad vocabulary.  A degree of creativity and initiative are expected at both the grammatical and document level.
  • Excellent and effective written & verbal communication skills.
  • Team Player with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Bachelor's or Degree in a business or technical field


  • Expert knowledge in VMWARE*
  • Expert knowledge in SPLUNK*
  • Expert knowledge in Red Hat Enterprise*
  • MS Windows Certification
  • Windows 10 Certification/Certificate


NEC 1316 (CIN: A-113-0282 or A-113-0383), or NEC 1319 (CIN: A-113-0202/Rev A), or NEC 1346 (CIN: A-113-0381), or  NEC 1347 (CIN: A-113-0342 or A-113-0414), or NEC 1355 (CIN: S-121-0005), or NEC 1365 (CIN: S-121-0574), or NEC 1375 (CIN: A-121-0200), or NEC 1385 (CIN: A-150-4219), or NEC 1386 (CIN: A-150-9020), or NEC 2791 (CIN: A-150-1980 or K-150-2115) or 2710 (CIN: A-150-0045) or 2765 (CIN: A-150-3500) or 2766 (CIN: A-150-3400) or 9225 (CIN: A-102-5888) or 9229 (CIN: A-102-5599 (SNOOP) or CIN: A-102-0116 (ISCRS))  or 9298 (W-102-5890) or 1678 (CIN: A-150-2300) or 3371, CYBR1005, NETW4001


  • With privileged access- NAVEDTRA 43469 , or NAVEDTRA 43551-3C, or NAVEDTRA 43356-C, or NAVEDTRA 43355-6, or NAVEDTRA 43359-B, or NAVEDTRA 43355-H, or NAVEDTRA 43355-1A, or NAVEDTRA 43340, or NAVEDTRA 43355-4, or NAVEDTRA 43355-2A, or NAVEDTRA 43348-B, or NAVEDTRA 43462-2, or NAVEDTRA 43359-B, or NAVEDTRA 43462-1C, or  If IP O1-3, NAVEDTRA 43360-2, or If IP O4-5, NAVEDTRA 43360-3


  • Applicant must have a current Secret clearance, will be subject to a security investigation and must meet the eligibility requirements to maintain a security clearance issued by the US Government. In addition to the security clearance, this position may require an additional background screening for base access.


  • CARRYING and LIFTING. Ability to transport and lift up to 30 lbs.
  • Employee is required to access remote areas of multi-level vessels
  • Must comply with Company’s Driver Safety Policy if assigned to operate company and/or rental vehicles

Type: Contract

Reference ID: 4250